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Hello pilot.

Let me put you in context

You are a figther pilot, regiment Z from sector Z
your mission is to hunt down and destroy anything that is not from human origin!

Good luck pilot!

-Admiral Albert "Cochis" Fndz.

Ship DirectionWASD -> D-pad
Roll, DO A BARREL ROLL!Q-E -> Trigers
AcceleratorLShift -> A
Weapon swapLControl -> Y
ShootingSpace -> B
Target LockF -> X
ScoreboardY -> Select

Vector Space is a story about a pilot named ZXX, explore the solar system and it´s neigbourghood, you will be deployed from the Hyperion, the Capital ship of the sector Z fleet!, the most important in the new reorganized Directorate Of the Earth!.

Every enemy ship you destroy will give you an amount of money and points, use it for comerce and buying better guns and ship parts on the satellites and merchants.

The more points you win the highter up in the global leaderborad you will be! and if you can´t win by yourself, call the best 4 crewmen you can find and face in formation the enemy!.

And if you and your crew feel really good, go ahead and enter a battle with other squads, the winner will get points and get highter in the leaderboard.

This game is a prototipe and its on hiatus.

A game by Nodeki-tan.

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